April 2021 Newsletter No 13

Hi Everyone

It is hard to believe we are almost in April and it is Easter time once more.  I don’t know about you, but seeing the lambs in the fields and the daffodils, primroses and even my magnolias coming into flower is a huge lift to the spirits.  The clocks move on tomorrow, leaping into Spring so the days will become brighter and longer.  I love this time of year with new life and the promise of warmth in the sun. 

Some of you know that we got a puppy just before Christmas as our old dog had died in October.  It has been wonderful having a dog in the house again and has given a focus to these lockdown days.  It is amazing how much time a young four-legged friend can take up.  I am not sure who is doing the training but we’re all making progress! This is Nyala and she’s a border collie now just 5 months.

Although the Café is closed, we receive information about different activities or things which might be interesting and try and pass these on to you via the newsletters.  Here are some we have received this month.

Equipment available

If anyone could use a bath aid which collapses flat (as new and has never been used) please contact Jean Butterworth 01789 762306. Free.


Arts Uplift Virtual Choir
A fun online choir with Claire Fowler on Zoom for 45 ins for older people including people living with dementia and their carers.  Sing along to all your favourites! £5 couples – Mondays 2-2.45pm via Zoom.  To book a place, please contact Jenny Davis 07946 585987 jenny@artsuplift.co.uk

Playlist for Life
Surrinder Bains is the local organiser for Playlist for Life which is a music and dementia charity wanting to help people create and use a personal playlist to help someone living with dementia.  For more information visit the website where there are free resources available. https://www.playlistforlife.org.uk/resources/  There are also free webinars available for anyone who is interested in learning more about Music Detective Skills.  Please click here to book your place https://www.playlistforlife.org.uk/book-webinars/

Can you help?  We have received this request for help from Ian Greig.

In connection with a proposed Alcester & District Local History Society publication about post-WW2 National Service memories in the society’s ‘Occasional Paper’ series, Ian Greig (ADLHS Editor) was given an envelope about 18 months/2 years ago with some notes about a gentleman
called John Kimberley and his National Service experiences in Egypt.

The envelope only says “Pat (Alcester Café) National Service Notes”, and there are no other contact details. Unfortunately Ian cannot remember who gave them to him, and – foolishly, as he admits! – didn’t note it at the time. It might have been via a third party, not directly from Pat.

Unfortunately the publication was delayed, but is now on track to be out in April and Ian would like to get in touch with Pat. He has been able to contact, directly or via others, four people of that name, none of whom turned out to be the right one.

If you are the Pat mentioned on the envelope, or have an idea who it might be, or perhaps even know of Mr Kimberley, Ian would be very grateful if you could contact him a.s.a.p. by email
(editor@alcesterhistory.org.uk) or phone (01789 765302).

AGM Reminder

We look forward to seeing as many of you as can attend our AGM on Tuesday 6th April via Zoom..  You should have received the Zoom link and joining instructions by now but if for some reason you haven’t, please contact Cath our secretary. alcestercafe@gmail.com or phone 01527 892841

Easter Activity Pack 

This Easter themed activity pack has been produced by Alzheimer’s Society.  Click on the link below for a range of different Easter activities including quizzes, Sudoku, art etc. One of them is printed at the end of this newsletter.

As I write this we are all hoping that the restrictions will start to be relaxed on Monday and we’ll be allowed to meet up to 6 people or 2 families outside, even in private gardens.  It will be a step forward and one we have been waiting for since we all went into lockdown in January.  Hopefully as a country we will be able to continue with the planned dates for the easing of restrictions and getting back to a more normal life. 

We hope you enjoy / have enjoyed the Easter goody bags.  If you haven’t received yours yet, it will be delivered to you over the coming days.  Every day that passes is a day nearer to the Alcester Café opening again!  Happy Easter!

Kirsty x

Chocolate Advertising Slogan Quiz

Can you match the chocolate that the slogan belongs to?

Have a break, have a ____         Cadbury’s Caramel

Say thank you with ____             Fry’s Turkish Delight

Thank ____ it’s Friday!                 Milk Tray

The ____ are on me                       Club

Everyone’s a ____ case                 Penguin

A finger of ____ is just enough

to give your kids a treat               Ferrero Rocher

And all because the lady loves ____  Kit Kat

____ it’s full of Eastern Promise    Cadbury’s Roses

A ____ a day helps you work. rest and play  Crunchie

P-P-Pick up a ____                            Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Mr. Ambassador, with these ____

you are really spoiling us!                  Flake

Take it easy with a ____                         Milky Bar

If you like a lot of chocolate on your

biscuit, join our ____                             Fruit and Nut

A glass and a half in every pound ____  Fudge

The crumbliest flakiest milk chocolate

in the world ____                                 Mars