November 2020 NEWSLETTER No 8

Hi Everyone,

Carole Z here! Its my turn to have a shot at the newsletter ….


Firstly, I would like to thank those people who put my name forward to receive an award for working with people with dementia and their carers during Covid-19. I was named in the Queens birthday 2020 honours list and was given a British Empire Medal (BEM). I know one or two of you have spotted it in the paper and have phoned or emailed. They will not say who nominated me but thank you for taking the time to do so!

Well, this virus doesn’t look like it is going to go away soon but at least the vaccine is coming along in tests and hopefully we will be able to all be vaccinated early next year and get on with our lives…. As we said before in the last newsletter, until the virus is controlled, and the committee feel it is safe, we cannot open the café.

It looks like we are, (at the time of writing), all going to keep at home for at least a month if not longer so if you need help then please ask. If the café trustees cannot help you then we can get others involved….

Greig Hall.

As some of you may be aware, I have been pushing for a dedicated dementia centre in Alcester for several years on the Greig Hall site. The café was stage 1 of my plans; respite (day care) stage 2; following on stages 3 & 4 are a dementia centre and then overnight respite facilities. Although lots of “offers” and supportive words (and even promises) have been uttered on all sides, nothing has ever materialised because of problems between the Greig Trustees, Alcester Town Council and Stratford District Council. Now, the hall is coming back under control of Alcester Town Council and I am again in talks to see what we can obtain. Fundraising has been ongoing for the dementia centre and now we just want a site so we can make proper plans. I will keep you informed of our progress but if you talk to anyone who can be of influence or know of someone who could help in any way please put our case forward (and let me know)!


Warwickshire Police has produced an A4 Telephone Scams leaflet that they would like to get shared with elderly and vulnerable people. Please pass it around.

There have been a number of incidents across the County. The fraudsters’ stories are often believable and they will put a lot of pressure on victims to convince them to withdraw or transfer money, often for fraud reasons.

See the attached flyer for information.

Our Café.

You have all attended the café in some form: as a carer, a person with dementia, a former carer, a volunteer, a trustee, or a friend. Whichever role you attended in (and it may be more than one) we try to make it an enjoyable morning and one in which everyone gains something.

But what is happening now?

Pre – Covid… What is happening NOW
Main Café – where we all join and enjoy the social aspects, entertainment, exercise, or information sessions organised by the café trustees. Also available is a small library of books relating to dementia and equipment which can be loaned out to our members. The main café welcomes everyone.   The main café is closed. BUT We try and pass on links to sites where you can join in singing or exercising online etc. See our website.   If you need to borrow a book or equipment you can still do so…. Please contact us.  
Carers Group-organised by Chris Brannigan. The group meet to discuss issues and gain support from their peers. It is so important to talk / to find solutions to issues or to just know that others have had similar worries and may help you from their experiences. This is an important part of the café and, as the café is closed, Chris brings the carers meetings to you on ZOOM on the first Friday and third Tuesday each month. All current carers are welcome. If you are not on his list and are a carer then please contact Chris and he will send you out an invitation
KIT Group – Keeping In Touch consists of former carers whose loved ones have passed away or gone into long term care. Organised by Carole Zambonini, Jan Rowe and Sandie Carman and meeting on first and third Fridays at the hall and on other days for social outings (lunches / breakfasts / suppers / cinema trips) to pubs, garden centres etc   The KIT group is closed at the café and social activity stopped for the moment BUT we now ZOOM 3 times a week Tuesdays 10am (for coffee); Fridays 3.30pm (for afternoon tea) and Sundays at 6pm (for a glass of wine) to talk about the week; views on all sorts…. from gardening to covid, from shopping to Trump. All former carers welcome to join in for a 40-minute session and discuss, well anything! Contact Carole Z if you need help getting in.
Telephone Befriending Group –run by four former carers who have had training on befriending, confidentiality, signposting etc. We contact people who want support for various reasons. Support can be a simple call asking if everyone is OK to helping and signposting to other groups.  The befrienders consists of Carole Zambonini, Margaret Clements, Clare Slaughter and Jenny Tutt. This is on-going.
POM equipment (Peace of Mind) We can help provide equipment on loan such as wheelchairs / walkers / various aids for those with dementia   We still have some equipment at the hall and in trustee houses so if you need anything contact Jean Butterworth or Kate Gee or Carole Zambonini. They can organise / purchase equipment for you to use. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  New during Covid19 Newsletters. Produced each month by mainly Kirsty, Cath and Eileen. If you have any suggestions for content please let us know. Zoom meetings. Carers / Kit / Volunteer meetings to keep everyone in touch.  

For any information on any of the above, or a chat, ring

Carole Zambonini 01789 488088 (answerphone – please leave a message as I may be in the garden)

Or you are welcome to email us

Our secretary, Cath Finneran on

Carole Zambonini on

Or visit our website for various links etc

And finally, on a lighter note, I have attached a cake quiz for you to have a go at!

Love to all and keep each other safe.